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Two weeks into our 2021 season

The Mile End Miles Track Experience is a community of runners sharing the common interest of wanting to improve their speed and endurance.

Our Supervised track workouts

Each of our workouts are well structured and adjustable to athletes of all levels.

On Tuesdays we focus on speed.

On Fridays we focus on endurance.

In our first two weeks of activity we have welcomed a total of 15 runners.

Our Demo Team workouts

Through this initiative the Mile End Miles Track Experience team wishes to connect with:

- Run ambassadors for various brands

- Leaders from various run clubs - Leaders from various sport teams

- Elite athletes & coaches

In our first two weeks of activity we have welcomed Jeanne Dubé and Michèle Letendre.

Jeanne is an expert in Fitness and Yoga with her own virtual platform ATHLETIC YOGI.

She is the creator and host of the podcast Causerie. She is co-founder of WeTreat a company offering awesome retreats and events.

To learn more about Jeanne follow her on Instagram @jeanne.athleticyogi

Michèle is a former CrossFit Games athlete. She is the creator and co-owner of Deka Comp where she helps athletes reach their full potential.

She is also preparing to take part in her first IRONMAN triathlon this summer.

To learn more about Michèle follow her on Instagram @mich_letendre

Our Track Vlog

Each episode of our Track Vlog presents a recap of our training days. You will get a great sense of our group and our workouts.

Checkout our Track Vlog in the IGTV section of our Instagram @mile_end_miles

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